Garden Rhapsody

Soak in the beautiful experience of music & lights amidst our Supertrees!

Returning with 2 daily shows, keep your eyes peeled and ears tuned in for an exciting Garden Rhapsody line-up in 2021!

Each with its own musical soundtrack and choreography of lights, visitors will get to experience uplifting compilations from great composers such as Frédéric Chopin's Grande Valse Brilliante, special renditions of songs from movies like The Little Mermaid and Pinocchio, and even popular musical numbers like The Phantom Of The Opera!

Event Details

  • Ongoing

  • Daily, 7:45 pm & 8:45 pm

  • Supertree Grove

  • Safe Distancing Ambassadors and security officers will be on site to enforce safe management measures such as ensuring visitors wear their face masks at all times, keep an adequate distance from one another, and not congregate in large groups.

Garden Rhapsody Shows Line-up for 2021

Garden Waltz

  • 8 Jan - 9 Feb

  • Waltz your evening away at the Supertree Grove and let the music and lights transport you to a mythical enchanted forest.

    Dance along with the Supertrees as they present a run of  famous uplifting waltz tunes from great composers like Frédéric Chopin's "Grande Valse Brilliante", Johann Strauss Junior's "On the Beautiful Blue Danube", and Emile Waldteufel's "Skaters' Waltz".

A Journey Through Asia

  • 10 - 28 Feb

  • Journey with us through Asia and immerse yourself in the rich and diverse soundscapes, as the Supertrees light up your imagination of this magnificent part of the world!

    Look out for local artists Alemay Fernandez, Dawn Ho, Leandra Lane, and Lou Peixin’s rendition of《夜来香》,《甜蜜蜜》, ’Bengawan Solo’, ‘Dayung Sampan’, ‘Sukiyaki’, and ‘Singapura, Oh Singapura’!

Opera in the Gardens

  • 1 - 29 Mar

  • Enjoy an evening of romance under the stars and magical trees. Let the Supertrees take you through the golden age of the music of Opera - the Romantic era, while you swoon to the dreamy lights at Opera In The Gardens.

The Enchanted Woods

  • 30 Mar - 11 Jun

  • Join us and discover an enchanted tree that will take you on an adventure filled with magical beings and mystical beasts.


World of Fantasy

  • 12 Jun - 31 Jul

  • Get in touch with your inner child as we enter a magical garden where different worlds of fantasy unfold! Be enchanted by music inspired by the colourful worlds of Wizardry, Magic, Cosmic Space, Ocean, Adventure and Dinosaurs.

    This whimsical edition of Garden Rhapsody features special renditions of songs from movies like The Little Mermaid and Pinocchio, by local artists Benjamin and Narelle Kheng of The Sam Willows as well as Caitanya Tan.

Songs of Singapore

  • 1 Aug - 2 Sep

  • Join us as we showcase our local talents with a National Day edition of the Garden Rhapsody - Songs of Singapore. Featuring spectacular lights designed to covers of well-loved Singapore songs that are specially created and performed by local musicians such as Aisyah Aziz, Joanna Dong, Linying and Rani Singam, this edition of Singaporean classic tunes with a fresh re-interpretation is not to be missed.

Tales of the Moon

  • 3 - 30 Sep

  • Immerse yourself in a breathtaking concoction of dancing lights from the Supertrees and evocative soundtracks beneath the gentle glow of the moon.

    Let us take you on a journey filled with tales of wondrous fantasies and poignant memories about the moon like no other.

Retro Fever

  • 1 Oct - 31 Oct

  • Let the magic of the Garden Rhapsody transport you to a 1970s disco hall and be bedazzled by the Supertrees' array of multi-coloured disco lights and disco hits. Revel in a night of Retro Fever.

Musical Theatre

  • 1 Nov - 25 Nov

  • Immerse in tunes from popular musical numbers like The Phantom Of The Opera, Les Miserables and Chicago, including local artists’ rendition of favourites like ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ and ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’, as the spectacular Supertrees illuminate the night sky!

The Christmas Special

  • 26 Nov - 31 Dec

  • Immerse yourself in this season of giving with a musical treat - The Christmas Special!

    Soak in the holiday cheer with this jolly edition featuring Supertree lights dancing to favourite Christmas classics and highlights sung by local artists.


Event information is subject to change.