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Tender Notices

  • All current tender notices released by Gardens by the Bay can be found below. Please follow the external link to TenderBoard to download and submit your documents.

    Should you require assistance, please refer to the contact person listed in the tender notice.

  • PUBLISH DATE 17 Feb 2020
    CLOSING DATE/TIME 2 Mar 2020, 3.00pm
    (Singapore time)
    DESCRIPTION GBB/T/2020/008
    Invitation to Tender for Provision of Printing and Letter Shopping Services for Gardens by the Bay's Collaterals for 12 Months, with an Option to Extend for Another 12 Months.
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    Celin Foo
    Tel: (+65) 6636 2420
    Email: celin.foo


    PUBLISH DATE 11 Feb 2020
    CLOSING DATE/TIME 10 Mar 2020, 3.00pm
    (Singapore time)
    DESCRIPTION GBB/T/2020/004
    Invitation to Tender for the Appointment of Marketing Agency to provide Marketing Services to Gardens by the Bay specifically for the China market for 24 Months, with an Option to Extend the Contract for 12 Months, subject to satisfactory performance
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    Jas Lin 
    Tel: (+65) 6366 2164
    Email: jas.lin


    PUBLISH DATE 10 Feb 2020
    CLOSING DATE/TIME 28 Feb 2020, 3.00pm
    (Singapore time)
    DESCRIPTION GBB/T/2020/005
    Invitation to Tender for Three (3) Years Comprehensive Maintenance of Water Play System, Playground and Adventure Trail at Children's Gardens in Gardens by the Bay (Bay South), Singapore.
    Site Show Round Date and Time: 13 Feb 2020 (3.00 pm)
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    Eric Koh Long Kuang
    Tel: (+65) 9366 1752
    Email: eric.koh


    PUBLISH DATE 17 Jan 2020
    CLOSING DATE/TIME 28 Feb 2020, 3.00pm
    (Singapore time)
    DESCRIPTION GBB/T/2020/002
    Request for Proposal for Event Management and Lantern Production for Mid-Autumn Festival 2020
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    Teo Ying Er
    Tel: (+65) 6636 2131
    Email: teo.ying.er