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Fresh From Home

Have you ever toyed with the thought of starting a home garden, but stopped short due to lack of space, information and confidence? Fresh from Home is series of articles aimed at helping readers gain growing experience, embrace sustainability and food security, save money, and have fun growing skills, knowledge, and food! 


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Stars of the Gardens

Discover horticultural wonders at Gardens by the Bay! Stars of the Gardens shares insights on the interesting and unique plants displayed here, so be sure to keep a look out for them on your next visit!


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Culinary Creations

Whether you're an aspiring baker or just want to teach the little ones valuable (and delicious) lessons about creativity, kitchen safety & self-sufficiency, we've got you covered with a mouth-watering array of recipes made with easy to find ingredients!


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Bringing the Gardens Home

Feast your eyes on these stunning stress-free houseplants and find simple care tips to keep your entire plant collection green and glowing!


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Guide to the Gardens - World of Plants

Guide to the Gardens -
World of Plants

The World of Plants, grouped into six themed outdoor gardens, showcases the diversity of plants and its importance to supporting life on Earth.


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Guide to the Gardens - Heritage Gardens

Heritage Gardens, a collection of four, themed outdoor gardens, tells the story of Singapore’s history and culture through the fascinating plants found within them.


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Learning with Nature

Learn about Gardens by the Bay with this fun infographic.


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