Auto Rider - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Auto Rider?

The Auto Rider is a service in Gardens by the Bay using driverless, autonomous vehicle which ferries visitors between Bayfront Plaza and the conservatories.


What is the difference between the Auto Rider and the Shuttle Service?

The Auto Rider complements the Shuttle Service and offers visitors unique experience in an air-conditioned autonomous vehicle, especially at night when the digital-glass technology and lighting effects are accentuated. 

What are the operating hours for the Auto Rider?

10.30am – 9.30pm daily

Where and how do I purchase ticket/s for the Auto Rider?

Tickets can be purchased from self-ticketing kiosk at Bayfront Plaza (near the Automated Ticketing kiosks), Flower Dome (near the Shuttle Service stop) and TIcketing Counters at Floral Fantasy. Alternatively, guests may book tickets via the mobile app “Auto Rider @ Gardens by the Bay”, available for free download in the App Store and Google Play. A cashless payment system will be adopted i.e. only credit cards and WeChat Pay will be accepted.

How much is the ticket for the Auto Rider?

Tickets are priced at $5 (2-way ride) and $3 (1-way ride).

Can I buy the tickets 1 day in advance of the ride?

Ticket sale is only open on the same day of the ride.

What time can I purchase the Auto Rider ticket?

Tickets sales start at 10.15am and close at 9.00pm.

Can I take the shuttle service and Audio Tour if I purchase the Auto Rider ticket?

The Auto Rider requires a separate ticket from the Shuttle Service or the Audio Tour.

Is there a bundle ticket for Shuttle Service, Audio Tour, and Auto Rider?

There is no bundle ticket for these services at the moment.

How many times can I ride on the Auto Rider if I purchase Auto Rider ticket?

The ticket covers two trips, in any direction.

Where does the Auto Rider bring me to?

The ride starts from Bayfront Plaza, passing by the Scented Walk and Silver Garden, and ends at the Flower Dome. It will ply the same route for the return trip from Flower Dome to Bayfront Plaza.

What is the distance covered by the Auto Rider? How long is the ride?

The distance covered is 700m and it takes about 10mins for a one-way journey.

Can I take the Auto Rider to other parts of the Gardens like Supertree Grove?

At the moment, the route served is only between Bayfront Plaza and Flower Dome.

What is the Auto Rider frequency? How long do I have to wait for the Auto Rider to pick me up?

The interval is approximately 20 minutes.

Can I eat and drink in the Auto Rider?

Food and drinks are not allowed in the vehicles.

Is there any age/height limit to take the Auto Rider?

Passengers must be at least 1.2m tall to take the Auto Rider.

Can I bring my stroller/wheelchair/Personal Mobility Device (PMD) into the Auto Rider?

For safety reasons, strollers, wheelchairs and PMDs are not allowed in the Auto Rider.

What is the capacity of the Auto Rider?

The Auto Rider can accommodate up to 10 seated passengers. Standing is not allowed in the Auto Rider.

Can the Auto Rider operate in rain?

It can operate in light drizzle, but the operation will be suspended in the event of heavy rain or lightning warning for the safety of visitors.

Can I book the Auto Rider for my company event or VIP visit?

Yes, kindly write to for further assistance.