COVID-19 Advisory

Updated as of Mar 2021

Our attractions are now open to all visitors. Just as we have done with the outdoor gardens, we have put in place safety measures to make our indoor gardens a place of wellness during this period.

Please respect the new visiting guidelines we have put in place in accordance with government regulations, detailed below. It takes all of us to stay #SGUnited.

Welcome back to Gardens by the Bay!

Before Your Visit

Pre-book your tickets


  • For the Public

    The public can purchase their timed-entry tickets online or through our Gardens by the Bay Mobile App.


    All visitors are required to pre-book their visit date and time before visiting, to ensure safe distancing and better crowd regulation.


     For Supertree Observatory, limited tickets can be purchased from a self-service Ticketing kiosk at the attraction entrance.


    Buy Online      Buy via Mobile App


  • For Friends of the Gardens members

    All members are required to pre-book their visit date and time online or through our Gardens by the Bay Mobile App, before visiting the attractions. Admission will only be allowed to members with a time slot booking.


    See guidelines for members


    For corporate members, please click here for more information.

  • Please note that our onsite Ticketing Counters at Gardens by the Bay will not be open during this period.

For the Public: How to book your tickets (Online)

How to Book: Step 1
How to Book: Step 2
  • Step 2

    Select your ticket type, preferred date and time to visit the attractions. You may also buy Shuttle Service tickets as an add-on option if you plan to ride from Bayfront Plaza to the Conservatories (and vice versa).


How to Book: Step 3
  • Step 3

    Check your booking and complete your ticket purchase.

How to Book: Step 4
  • Step 4

    Present your e-Ticket at at the respective attraction entrances for admission.

Download the Official Gardens by the Bay
Mobile App & Optimise your visit

App features include pre-booking of timed-entry tickets to visit the attractions, SafeEntry check-in and check-out, contactless e-Card scan for members, automatic parking redemption and other features!

Should you encounter difficulties in downloading the Gardens by the Bay Mobile App, you may also book your timed-entry tickets online.

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Know our operating hours

  • Services and Amenities

    The following Services and Amenities are open and available for visitors:

  • Service / Amenity Status Operating Hours
    Car Parks:
    • Main Entrance (basement)
    • The Meadow
    • Satay by the Bay
    • Bayfront Plaza
    • Bay East


    5.00am - 2.00am
    Shuttle Service Tickets available for purchase for Ticket Holders with valid time slot 9.00am - 9.00pm
    Wheelchair and stroller rental* Open
    (Available at Arrival Gift Shop)
    9.00am - 8.00pm
    Arrival Gift Shop Open 9.00am - 9.00pm
    Conservatory Gift Shop Open 9.00am - 9.00pm


    Our other Information Counters, Visitor Service Centre and Ticketing Counters will remain closed until further notice.


    *For a complete list of services and amenities available, please refer here.

Upon Your Arrival

Entry Requirements

- Visitors are strongly advised to arrive on time and to visit the attractions within their selected time slot, as entry may not be allowed if the subsequent entry time has reached its quota.

- Check-in via SafeEntry. Visitors can scan the SafeEntry QR Code at the attraction entrance or activate it via the Gardens by the Bay Mobile App.

- Prepare your booking. Have your timed-entry tickets ready for admission. Please note that re-entry is not permitted once you have left the attraction. 

During Your Visit

Mask up!

Please wear a face mask at all times while in the Gardens, including moments when personal photos are being taken.

Face masks may only be removed when eating, drinking and performing strenuous activity such as jogging, cycling. Other light exercises like playing ball or dog walking are not considered strenuous activities.

It is essential for wedding couples to have their face masks worn at all times in accordance with the government policy. Face masks may be removed momentarily for photo-taking in their wedding gown and suit in the following areas during the specified days.

- Ticketed Attractions: Weekdays only (Mon - Fri, excluding Public Holidays)
- Outdoor Gardens: Weekdays and weekends

Please remember to put your mask back on after the above activities.

Follow Safe Distancing Measures

  • Keep a safe distance between each other, especially in queues and crowded areas.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

  • Please keep clean and maintain personal hygiene throughout your visit. Hand sanitisers are available at key contact areas for your convenience.

Group size of 8

  • When visiting, group size should not exceed 8 persons.

Monitor your health

  • If you are feeling unwell, we encourage you to stay home or seek medical attention immediately.

How we're keeping you safe

  • The safety of our visitors remains our top priority. During this period, our attractions are operating at limited capacity and the number of visitors entering the attractions at any given time will be reduced. In addition, here are other precautionary measures we put in place to ensure visiting is safe for everyone.


    These measures include the following:

    • Temperature screening
    • Safe distancing of 1m and floor markers to guide people in complying
    • Automatic entry and exit doors
    • One-directional flow of visitors inside the attraction
    • Self-disinfecting coating on commonly touched surfaces like lift buttons and escalator railings
    • Sanitisation of public amenities like toilets every hour
    • Hand sanitisers available at all entrances, exits and high contact areas
    • Equipping the air-chilling system in the Conservatories with high performance germicidal Ultra Violet (C) emitters similar to those used in healthcare institutions to improve air quality

  • The preventive measures implemented to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our visitors have been validated by a government-appointed agency, and Gardens by the Bay has been awarded the SG Clean Quality Mark by the Singapore Government.


    The SG Clean quality mark is a national mark of excellence for businesses that adhere to high standards of environmental public hygiene on their premises.


    For more information, visit