Saving Gaia

Do your part for Mother Earth this April to June! Learn more about contemporary environmental issues through a series of exciting programmes at the Gardens.

Choose any one of the modules below for a 1.5 hour programme.

Email us at to register your interest and choice of modules.

Saving Our Habitat

  • When a natural habitat is destroyed, many lives are affected, from the smallest flea, to the largest tree. Learn about climate change and its related issues and how land use contributes to global climate change.

    Learning Outcomes:

    - Understand global warming and identify its causes

    - Understand deforestation and how it contributes to global warming


    Venue(s):  Flower Dome and Cloud Forest (indoor)

    Group size: 25* (maximum)

Saving Water

  • Clean water is crucial to the health and well-being of living organisms. Learn about water quality and try your hand at testing the quality of water in the Dragonfly Lake.

    Learning Outcomes:

    - Know the factors affecting the survival of living organisms

    - Understand the importance of clean water to living organisms

    - Know the methods for testing water quality, particularly the pH level

    Venue(s):  Dragonfly Lake (outdoor)

    Group size: 20* (maximum)

Saving Energy

  • What’s so bad about global warming and climate change? How does the way we live affect the environment? Discover the importance of energy sustainability in protecting the Earth by looking at some very special structures, the Supertrees.

    Learning Outcomes:

    - Know the definition of global warming and its impact on the environment

    - Understand the concept of environmental sustainability


    Venue(s):  Cloud Forest (indoor)

    Group size: 25* (maximum)

Gaia Game: Eco Warriors at the Dragonfly Lake

  • Explore the Dragonfly Lake! Join a team of Eco Warriors on a mission to find the formula to a healthy lake ecosystem. Your team will have to work together to solve environmental issues threatening the ecosystem of the Dragonfly Lake before the dragonfly population disappears and everyone loses!

    Learning Outcomes:

    - Know the factors defining a healthy ecosystem

    - Understand the importance of a healthy ecosystem to the environment


    Venue(s):  Colonnade, Outdoor Gardens

    Group size: 25* (maximum)

Other information

  • Suitable for: Students (aged 13 years and above)
    Duration: 1.5 hours for one module
    Programme Fee: $150 per group for 1.5 hour programme (Excludes admission fees to the Cooled Conservatories.)
    *If the group size falls below the capacity indicated, the full programme charge will be levied. For modules with differing capacities, the lower of the two will apply.