Heritage Gardens

Bringing the history of singapore to life through the fascinating story of plants

Learn about Singapore's diverse history and culture, told through the fascinating story of plants in the Heritage Gardens. Walk around the four themed gardens and discover how plants are intricately linked to Singapore's culture.

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    5.00am - 2.00am 

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Indian Garden

The Indian culture is strongly influenced by Hinduism and the principles of the Vedas, the collections of hymns to gods. They are central to the development of how plants permeate many aspect of the daily Indian culture.

In Ayurveda, forests represent endless self-regeneration of life, and plants are used as offerings to gods and deities. Henna is used as body art, while Kolam is a floor design made with ground rice powders and layers of flowers.

Asian Palmyra Palm
Asian Palmyra Palm
Borassus flabellifer
  • The Indians call the Asian Palmyra Palm the ‘celestial tree’ as every part has a use. The nut’s sap can be made into drinks, while the nut can be roasted or germinated and eaten as a vegetable. And the trunk, sheath and leaves can be used as building materials.

Forbidden Fruit of India, or Divi-kaduru
Tabernaemontana dichotoma
  • The Divi-kaduru is valued for its ornamental flowers and fruits. Its bark and roots are used for treating high-blood pressure, pain and inflammation. The soft wood of its trunk are made into masks used for Sri Lankan "low country" dancing, which includes the "Kolam" and "Thovil and Bali" dances.

Banyan Tree
Banyan Tree
Ficus benghalensis
  • The National Tree of India, the Banyan Tree is considered sacred and symbolises eternal life. In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is sometimes depicted as sitting in silence under this tree.