Floral Fantasy


Interesting Facts about Floral Fantasy


  • How big is Floral Fantasy?
    1,500 sq m.

Inside the Floral Fantasy

  • Temperature: 23ºC – 25ºC


    • In Dance, the collection of more than 15,000 flowers hanging upside down are put together with the help of volunteers, a mix collection of fresh cut, dried and preserved blooms like hydrangeas, sago bush, caspias, brunias, statices and delphiniums all combine to add vibrant colours and scents to this landscape.
    • Walk through Float to admire the overarching Peruvian Peppertree from the Peruvian Andes, Liquidambar formosana with its maple-looking leaves, and the architectural Taiwan White Pine. A hundred fuchsias surround the visitor above whilst  temperate flowering plants paint the landscape with colours.
    • There are more than 100 species and hybrids of orchids, pitcher plants and bromeliads featured in Waltz
    • Drift features a collection of more than 50 species of exotic Central and South American plants, and various species of begonias, huperzias and ferns growing on the rock surfaces.

Poison dart frogs

Poison dart frogs

  • in Waltz, there is a 4m wide by 2m tall poison dart frog terrarium housing 36 tiny but eye-catching poison dart frogs.

    Poison dart frogs, which originate from the tropical areas of Central and South America, are considered vulnerable because of deforestation. These brightly-coloured frogs only grow to a size of 2 inches, but they are highly toxic. However, as their poison comes from their diet in the wild, they lose this toxicity when reared by humans. The poison dart frog terrarium in Floral Fantasy showcases these beautiful pint-sized amphibians and highlights how human action can have adverse impact on even the smallest aspects of biodiversity.

Flight of the Dragonfly

Fantasy Theatre - Flight of the Dragonfly

Fantasy Theatre remains closed until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.


Flight of the Dragonfly was conceptualized and produced by ST Engineering, and is the first 4D multimedia ride for an attraction done by a local company.