Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes

Immerse in the fascinating aquatic ecosystem

A visual treat rich with aquatic life, Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes invite you to dive below the surface of the lakes and discover the fascinating aquatic ecosystem of this area.

  • Open daily:

    5.00am - 2.00am

  • Free admission

More Than A Thing Of Beauty

Immerse in the fascinating world that exists below the surface of Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes.

More than a scenic treat, the lakes are a rich source of aquatic life from fish to plants. These plants play a vital role in maintaining the right amount of nutrients in the lake by absorbing excess nitrogen and phosphorus. They help ensure better water quality by acting as a natural eco-filter and strategically located aquatic reeds also act as filter beds.

Hours & Admission

  • Open daily: 5.00am - 2.00am

  • Free admission

  • As part of our sustainability effort to conserve energy, we switch off all decorative and accent lighting in the Gardens and reduce the lighting at walkways and in the car parks at 11.00pm every night.